Undergraduate Admission Test 2016-2017, SUST

    Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) is successfully running SMS Based Automated Registration of Admission Test process since 2009. All you need is to send your H.S.C and S.S.C information from any Teletalk prepaid mobile phone. Your information will then be verified from the results collected from Education Boards. If you are eligible, you will get a confirmation SMS as a reply on your mobile phone. Finally, the application fee of admission test will be deducted from your prepaid account and you will be notified by an SMS after completing your registration procedure. It is very easy and simple. There is no hassle to fill-up any traditional application form. It will save your valuable time.


    There are TWO units in the admission test. They are unit A and unit B.

    Departments and Seats Under A Unit

    Department Seats (Science+Humanities+Commerce)
    Economics (ECO) 40+20+6=66
    Sociology (SOC) 30+30+6=66
    Political Studies (PSS) 20+40+6=66
    Public Administration (PAD) 20+40+6=66
    Anthropology (ANP) 20+40+6=66
    Social Work (SCW) 25+35+6=66
    Business Administration (BUS) 30+10+35=75
    English (ENG) 30+35+6=71
    Bangla (BNG) 5+60+6=71
    Total Seats 220+310+83=613

    Departments and Seats Under B Unit

    The departments/programs under this unit have been classified into two groups: Group 1 and Group 2.

    Group Department/Program Seats (Science)
    1 Physics (PHY) 65
    Chemistry (CHE) 65
    Mathematics (MAT) 80
    Statistics (STA) 80
    Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 100
    Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science (CEP) 50
    Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) 50
    Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) 50
    Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) 50
    Food Engineering & Tea Technology (FET) 40
    Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME) 35
    Geography and Environment (GEE) 40
    Mechanical Engineering (MEE) 35
    Oceanography (OCG) 30
    Software Engineering (SWE) 30
    Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (GEB) 35
    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) 30
    Forestry and Environmental Science (FES) 55
    2 Architecture (ARC) 30
    Total Seats 950


    This year, a total of 92 additional seats are reserved only for the students under the four categories: son/daughter of Freedom Fighters (28 seats), Ethnic Minority (28 seats), Disabled (14 seats), Wards (16 seats) and BKSP (6 seats). Click here to read the detail information regarding to be eligible for application under these reservation. For these reserved seats, a student has to email their related certificate to the admission email address ( by November 10, 2016. While sending email please write Unit Name and  Roll Number in the Subject field of the email. Once the certificate is received within the mentioned period, after verification the student will be considered for the reserved seats.

    Moreover, students awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal by International Math Olympiad / International Informatics Olympiad / International Physics Olympiad or any other recognized international Olympiad will have the opportunity to get enrolled to the associated subjects without taking the admission test. Regarding 'associated subjects', the decision of the admission committee will be considered as final.

    Eligibility for the Admission Test

    1. Only students passed in the H.S.C. (General/Technical) / Alim / Diploma in Commerce / Equivalent in 2015/2016 and in the S.S.C. (General/Technical) / Dakhil / Equivalent in 2013/2014 can participate in the admission test. Also, students having Diploma in Engineering degree must have passed in S.S.C./Equivalent in 2011/2012. Students from science group in H.S.C/Equivalent can apply in both A and B units while others can apply only in A unit. A student must satisfy the following minimum and total GPA requirements in S.S.C. & H.S.C.

      Minimum GPA
      (Each of S.S.C./Equivalent & H.S.C./Equivalent)

      Total GPA
      (S.S.C./Equivalent + H.S.C./Equivalent)

      A 3.0 6.5
      B 3.0 7.0
    2. For G.C.E. students, in O level they must have B grades in at least 3 subjects and 'pass' in at least 5 subjects. In case of A level, students must have B grades in at least 2 subjects and 'pass' in at least 3 subjects.

    Subject-wise Eligibility

    To get admitted in a department/program one student must have at least 3.5 in H.S.C/Equivalent or B grade in G.C.E A level in the associated subjects.

    Departments/Programs Corresponding Associated Subjects
    PHY, CSE, IPE, ARC, EEE, MEE, SWE Physics, Mathematics
    CEE, PME, OCG Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
    CHE, CEP Chemistry, Mathematics
    GEB, BMB, FET Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
    MAT, STA Mathematics
    GEE, FES Biology, Mathematics
    SOC, SCW, PSS, PAD, ANP Sociology or Civics or Logic or Economics or Social Welfare or Commercial Geography or English or any subject of Commerce/Science group
    ECO Economics or Mathematics or Statistics or Economics and Commercial Geography or English
    BUS Economics or Mathematics or Statistics or English or any subject of Science/Commerce group
    ENG English
    BNG Bangla

    Sub-units and Fees of Admission Test

    The units have been divided into sub-units so that the students can register for the admission tests that cover their desired departments/programs. 

    Unit Sub-Unit (Keyword)

    Eligible Departments/Programs

    (Including VAT)
    A A All departments under A Unit 800 Taka
    B B1 All departments/programs under Group 1 800 Taka
    B2 All departments/programs under Group 1 & Group 2 900 Taka

    Application Deadline

    You can register for admission test by using a TeleTalk prepaid connection from 16 October 2016 (from 10 AM) to 10 November 2016 only through SMS.

    Seat Plan

    Seat plan for the Admission Test will be published on the university website ( in due time and will be informed through SMS. Students can also get this information using any mobile phone through SMS to 16242. Example: SUST SEATPLAN ExamRoll

    Date & Time of the Examination

    Date Day A Unit B Unit
    November 26, 2016  Saturday 9:30 AM 2:30 PM

    Question Format

    Question paper will be prepared in Bengali. If any candidate wants to have question paper in English he/she has to request through an email to by 10 November 2016.

    Examination Procedure

    The admission examination will be MCQ based. For every wrong answer 0.25 marks will be deducted.  OMR form must be filled using Black ball point pen. Mobile phone is completely prohibited in the examination hall. The durations, subjects and corresponding marks of the examinations are given bellow.

    Exam Subjects and Marks Exam Duration
    A Science Group:
    English (20), Bangla (10), Physics (10), Chemistry (10), Math/Biology (10), Bangladesh & International Affairs (10)
    1 Hour 30 Min
    Humanities Group:
    English (20), Bangla (10), Economics, Civics, Logic, Sociology, Social Welfare, History and Islamic History, Bangladesh & International Affairs (30), S.S.C. level General Mathematics (10)
    1 Hour 30 Min
    Commerce Group:
    English (20), Bangla (10), Accounting, Business Policies and Application, Bangladesh & International Affairs (30), S.S.C. level General Mathematics (10)
    1 Hour 30 Min
    B1 English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20) 1 Hour 30 Min
    B2 English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20), Drawing and Architecture related general knowledge (30) 1 Hour 30 Min + 1 Hour = 2 Hour 30 Min

    How to Apply for the Admission Test

    • If a student wants to attend the examinations of both A nad B units, he must register seperately for both units. The sub-units have been formed in such a way that if a student register for one sub-unit, he is not allowed (as well as not necessary) to apply for another sub-unit of the same unit. 
    • To apply from the admission test an applicant will have to send an SMS using a prepaid Teletalk connection. The SMS format has been stated bellow. If the applicant is eligible for the examination, application fee will be deducted from the prepaid connection and the applicant will be informed the Exam Roll of the admission test and an USER ID and PASSWORD that will be necessary to print the admit. 

    Printing the Admit

    Using the USER ID and PASSWORD obtained during the registration process, an applicant will have to print 2 copies of his admit (on A4 size paper) from the site If an applicant register for both units, he will have to print two admits seperately in the same way. The applicants are allowed to print the admits from the stated site till November 2016.

    Candidate Selection & Admission Procedure

    • Different merit lists will be prepared based on the admission test marks and S.S.C/Equivalent and H.S.C/Equivalent GPAs for each unit and group [unit A (Group: Science, Humanities, Commerce) and unit B (Group 1, 2)]. Merit lists will be different for Quotas also. Out of 100 marks, 70% will be from the admission test and 30% from summation of S.S.C/Equivalent and H.S.C/Equivalent GPAs. To be included in any of the merit lists, one must get at least 40% marks overall. Same constraint is also applicable for the students applying for Quota.
    • To calculate the 30% marks, in case of regular students sum of S.S.C/Equivalent and H.S.C/Equivalent GPAs will be multiplied by 3 while for irregular students it will be multiplied by 2.7.
    • An applicant must obtain at least 40% marks in the 'Drawing and Architecture related general knowledge' examination to be considered for admission in the Architecture department.
    • Students from Humanities & Commerce groups must get 40% marks in General Math in admission test to be considered for admission in Economics department. An applicant must get 40% marks in English in admission test to be considered for admission in English department.
    • Result of Admission Test and other information about admission will be published on university notice board and website ( in due time. Students can also get such information using any mobile phone through SMS to 16242. Example: SUST RESULT Exam-Roll
    • Considering an applicant's choice, he/she will be admitted in only one department according to his merit position, subject wise eligibility and available seats.
    • Students have to bring 4 recently taken passport size photographs, original marksheets and testimonials of S.S.C/equivalent and H.S.C/equivalent and required money for admission. Students must also bring 2 photocopies of each of certificates and marksheets. Students have to submit his/her original marksheet of H.S.C examination at the time of admission. To take the Quota privilege, a student must bring the original copy of the associated certificate issued by the appropriate authority.
    • The application will be canceled for providing incorrect, incomplete or false information even after admission process is complete. 

    For International Students

    Those foreign students or Bangladeshi students studied in a foreign country who do not want to participate in the admission examination must have a SAT score of minimum 1100. They also have to apply by sending copies of necessary documents (certificates and transcripts) to by 10th November 2016.

    Codes for Education Board Names

    Education Board Name Board-Code
    Barisal BAR
    Chittagong CHI
    Comilla COM
    Dhaka DHA
    Dinajpur DIN
    Jessore JES
    Rajshahi RAJ
    Sylhet SYL
    Madrasa MAD
    Vocational VOC
    Diploma in Business Studies DIB
    Diploma in Commerce DIC
    Diploma in Business Management DBM
    Diploma in Engineering DIE
    O/A Level  GCE

    SMS Formats 

    To Apply in UNIT A:

    • Type SUST< space >HSC-Board-Code< space >HSC-Roll< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space >SSC-Board-Code< space >SSC-Roll< space >SSC-Passing-Year< space >A and send to 16222 from Teletalk Prepaid mobile
    • Example : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >A

    To Apply in UNIT B1:

    • Type SUST< space >HSC-Board-Code< space >HSC-Roll< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space >SSC-Board-Code< space >SSC-Roll< space >SSC-Passing-Year< space >B1 and send to 16222 from Teletalk Prepaid mobile
    • Example : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >B1

     To Apply in UNIT B2:

    • Type SUST< space >HSC-Board-Code< space >HSC-Roll< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space >SSC-Board-Code< space >SSC-Roll< space >SSC-Passing-Year< space >B2 and send to 16222 from Teletalk Prepaid mobile
    • Example : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >B2

    To Apply in Quota:

    • Type SUST< space >HSC-Board-Code< space >HSC-Roll< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space >SSC-Board-Code< space >SSC-Roll< space >SSC-Passing-Year< space > Unit-keyword< space >Quota-Code and send to 16222 from Teletalk Prepaid mobile
    • Example (Freedom Fighter) : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >A< space > FFQ
    • Example (Ethnic Minority) : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >A< space > EMQ
    • Example (Disable) : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >A< space > DIQ
    • Example (Ward) : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >A< space > WAQ
    • Example (BKSP) : SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >SYL< space >654321< space >2014< space >A< space > BKQ

    To Know about the Admission Test Results

    • Type SUST< space >RESULT< space >Exam-Roll and send to 16242
    • Example :  SUST RESULT< space >Exam-Roll

    To Know about the Dates

    • Type SUST< space >DATE and send to 16242
    • Example : SUST< space >DATE

    To Know about the Fees

    • Type SUST< space >FEES and send to 16242
    • Example : SUST< space >FEES

    To Know Subjects of the Examinations

    • Type SUST< space >EXAMSUB and send to 16242
    • Example : SUST< space >EXAMSUB

    To Know about the Required GPA

    • Type SUST< space >REQDGPA and send to 16242
    • Example : SUST< space >REQDGPA

    To Know about the Total Number of Seats

    • Type SUST< space >TOTALSEAT and send to 16242
    • Example : SUST< space >TOTALSEAT

    To Get the Forgotten Admission Roll (Exam Roll)

    • Type SUST< space > HELP< space >Board-Code< space >HSC-Roll< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space >Unit-keyword and send to 16222 from Teletalk Prepaid mobile
    • Example : SUST< space >HELP< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2016< space >A

    To Get Help

    • Type SUST< space >HELP and send to 16242
    • Example : SUST< space >HELP