Welcome Message from Head of the Department

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science (CEP) was established at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) in 1993. Only two departments in Bangladesh educational institutions offer undergraduate and graduate program in Chemical Engineering, and CEP is one of them. In CEP, however, along with general chemical engineering program, special attention is given to the specialization of the graduates in polymer engineering and technology. In that sense, this is a unique department in the country of its type producing graduates on chemical engineering specialized to some extent in polymer engineering. Having in mind the intensive growth of chemical and polymer industries in Bangladesh, the offer of such an engineering program is correct and in time. The placement of the graduates of this department in different industrial sectors justifies the decision of the establishment of the department.



Lab Facilities

The Department consists of Modern Lab facilities. There are nine well equiped lab. They are:

1. General Chemistry & Polymer Synthesis

2. Fluid mechanics

3. Instrumentation

4. Unit Operation

5. Mass Transfer

6. Fuel & Biodiesel

7. Computer

8. Polymer Characterization

9. Water Quality Control

There has also a seminar room, a seminar library and many other laboratories equipment.



Conference, Seminars, Workshops organized by the Department in the last five years


Name of the Conference/Symposium/Seminar



Symposium on “Advanced Technology for the Management of Textile Effluents”, Dhaka, September 29, 2005 organized in collaboration with Institute of Chemists and Chemical Technologists (ICCT), Bangladesh Chemical Society


Bangladesh Chemical Society


Workshop on ‘Membrane Technology in Water Treatment’, September 30- October 05, 2005 with international participation



International Conference and Exhibition on water and wastewater Treatment, 1-4 April, 2007, Sylhet, Bangladesh



Seminar on Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Membrane Bioreactor Technology, 3-4 Sylhet, 2009



Center for Environmental Process Engineering


The Department also arranges many other workshops and seminar for the students.


Academics Programmes

Title of Program
Field of Specialization
Full time Duration/Part Time
Year of Starting
Under Graduate Program
Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science
Full Time
(4 Years
Post Graduate Program

M. Sc in Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science

Full Time
Full Time

The achievement of the Department (in the last five years):

1. Development of Membrane Bio-Reactor Technology for Wastewater Treatment – a pioneering research project in the sub-continent. Research has been initiated in CEP Laboratory, tested successfully in DEPZ, Savar, a Laundry in Sylhet and Unihouse at Ashulia.

2. Development of Polymer modified concrete technology- a pioneering research work in Bangladesh. This work has been initiated in collaboration with and active participation of Housing and Building Research Institute, Dhaka.

3. Bio-diesel production from locally cultivated and available in abundance oil-producing seeds. The first results are highly promising.

4. Development of membrane technology for drinking water. For the first time, Membrane technology laboratory has been established in the country for research purposes.

5. The Department laboratories are being gradually equipped with modern instruments and apparatuses. Since the Department is merely 15-16 years old, large-scale removal of obsolescence does not take place. Modernization is usually done with respect to small elements of a unit, or by introduction of automatic control and monitoring.

6. The department is still at the initial stage for such project. It is working on (i) the production of edible salt with low calcium content and (ii) the development of dye removal from surfactant containing wastewater at informal request from some industries.

Notice Board

Vision and Mission of the Department

The vision of the Department of CEP is to produce highly skilled chemical engineering graduates well equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in engineering and as graduates fully prepared to be absorbed by the chemical industries as well as research and educational institutions home and abroad; and to provide adequate knowledge in the field of polymer science, so that the graduates can serve in polymer industries as well. And the mission is to produce dedicated citizens committed to serve the country and nation by talent, dedication, patriotism and spirit of the youth



The Department of CEP, as one of the most active discipline under the School of Applied Sciences and Technology takes active part in the formation of the philosophy of engineering education in SUST and as such shares the common values and objectives of the school, and they are:

  1. To provide education that focuses on the relationship between engineering, people, society and nature.

  1. To develop in the graduate-engineers logical thinking and analyzing and integrating abilities. 

  1. To develop in the graduate-engineers a broad outlook, flexible adaptability and creativity and arousing desire for self-enlightenment and study.

  1. To develop in the graduate-engineers adaptability to highly advanced computerization.

  1. To develop in the graduate-engineers high communications ability.