Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture is one of the youngest departments at ShahJalal University of Science and Technology, formally launching its academic activities under the School of Applied Sciences and Technology in September 2005. The curriculum of this department aims at the highest degree of professionalism and provides the students with multi-disciplinary knowledge in various aspects of man, his context, his physical and psychological environment, and the technological advancement with relation to the development in Architecture throughout the globe. The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program of the department is designed for a period of five years, which is based on both theoretical and studio (practical) works. The design of architecture curriculum in SUST aims at the highest degree of professionalism and provides the students with broad based knowledge in various aspects of technological development round the world as well as blend with the local traditional and contextual aspects. The B Arch course is strongly biased towards architectural design and its practice with due emphasis on learning through doing rather than through conventional methods of instruction.  


The under graduate curriculum in architecture department is based on Course-Credit System. All the sessional and theory subjects of the five years B. Arch program are grouped into core and optional courses. It is mandatory to qualify in the core courses to obtain the degree and the optional courses for the student to satisfy their field of interest. Particular combination of core and optional courses will help them in post-graduation program and professional specialization. The basic stream of courses are – Design and Planning Courses, Design Aid Courses, Design Information Courses, Course on Ideas and Technologies of Chronological Development of Architecture around the world, Professional Practice, Course on Sustainability and Environmental issues, Structural Design and Theory Courses, Courses under Social Science and Humanities.  

At present, Department of Architecture at SUST offers five-year graduation in architecture which degree is called B.Arch. Department of Architecture is temporarily located at the 3rd floor of the Central Library Building and soon to be shifted in the newly constructed academic building - V.  

Department of Architecture has initiated its CRTC program (Center for Research, Testing, and Consultancy) in early 2007 and already started to contribute to its regional context and as well as to the university. In recent times, the CRTC-Architecture has undertaken a residential housing development project adjacent to the Sylhet-Shunamganj highway, which is nearing to its successful completion. In this project, an advanced and contemporary method in architectural designing has been incorporated in order to achieve a sustainable community environment for the clients and the user-group. Department of Architecture currently offers consistency services in the fields that relate architectural know-how, such as building planning and design, interior enhancement, landscape development, mass-scale urban renewal, conservation of historical sites and monuments, and so on.  

Department of Architecture, SUST is the latest (and only third) to launch formal educational curriculum in any public institutions across Bangladesh. In a year of its establishment, the students of this department have shown extraordinary performance in a national-level competition organized by the AIUB (American International University of Bangladesh). Among more than hundred participants, the students of our first batch acquired second place and were appreciated by renowned architects of our country.