Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is one of the five departments with which the Shahjalaj University of Science & Technology launched its activities in 1991. The indebted to Prof. M. Miraj Uddin Mondol (Rtd), the founder head, Prof. Sirajul Haque Miah (Rtd), Prof. G. D. Roy and Dr. M. Fazlul Karim for initiating the curricular and other activities in the department. Previously the department offered a three-year integrated B. Sc. (Hons) program and one-year M. Sc. program. The students of the first batch were enrolled in 1991-1992 academic session and they graduated in 1994. Subsequently, those student were enrolled in M. Sc. Program and they obtained the degree in 1995. Eight batches of students have already come out with M. Sc. Degree. Currently, it offers four-year integrated B. Sc. (Hons) and one-year M. Sc. Programs. The M. Sc. Degree is based on course work as well as dissertation in Pure and Applied Mathematics. The department takes care to provide the students with necessary books, computers and other materials. The department is developing its own computing facilities for academic and research activities. It also offers computer oriented theoretical and practical courses to the undergraduate students. Besides these, it runs various courses on basic mathematics for the students of almost all of the Departments of the University. The Department is going to start M. Phil. and Ph. D. Program very soon. The courses offered at the undergraduate level are: Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Mathematical Methods, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Real Analysis, Modern Algebra, Numerical Methods, Operations Research, Hydrodynamics, Vector Mechanics, etc. At the M. Sc. level the courses are Advanced Analysis, Group Theory, Rings & Modules, Lattice Theory, Universal Algebra, Differential Geometry, Finite Element Method, Fluid Mechanics, The Special Theory of Relativity, The General Theory of Relativity, Dynamics Meteorology, Dynamics of Atmosphere and Ocean, Population Dynamics, Advanced Differential Equation etc.


In spite of many limitations, most of the teachers are involved in research activities with the target to promote the department as an ideal place of research for the teachers and prospective students and to serve the mathematics community in Bangladesh. Some of the teachers are doing collaborative research with other researchers in home and abroad. The major areas of research are Mathematical Modeling, Theory of Relativity, Finite Element Methods, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Group Theory, Universal algebras and Duality Theory among others.


The Department of Mathematics organized four international conferences since 1998: the Mini-workshop on Applied Mathematics held in 1998, the international conference on Applied Mathematics & Mathematical Physics (ICAMMP) 2000 , ICAMMP 2002 and ICAMMP 2004. Moreover, the 11th Mathematics conference of Bangladesh Mathematical society was also organized in this Department in 1997.


At present a number of young faculty members are in abroad for pursuing higher studies leading to Ph. D degree. We hope that the research activities of this department will be enhanced on their return.


The students of this department are equally interested in co-curricular activities. There is a Mathematical society consisting of all the students and teachers of the department. They have been participating in various sports tournaments debating competition and cultural programs. This Department has the fame of receiving many championship and runner up awards. All these co-curricular activities of Dept. are organized by the Mathematical society. The co-curricular activities are organized by the society are very much appreciable.