Department of Petroleum & Mining Engineering

The Department of Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME) is a new department under the School of Applied Science & Technology. It has started its journey since December 2004.

The university is located in the knolly Sylhet Region of Bangladesh, North Eastern Petroliferous Surma Basin, contributes about 65% of natural gas production of the country. The first gas reserve Haripur was discovered in this domain. The region is also famous for Limestone query, Glass sand, Tertiary coal, Ceramic clay and Hard rock boulders. This proximity provides students with unique opportunities for directly interfacing with mining industry and the ability to observe Gas & Oil field operations first hand.

The Department of Petroleum & Mining Engineering has started its academic work in the year 2005 with the objective to produce resource personnell in the field of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, skilled enough to quantify the resources, and to develop those resources for proper exploitation. The program is designed to prepare graduates for national and international field of Petroleum and Mining Engineering.

The Department is offering undergraduate degree (B. Sc.) in Petroleum and Mining Engineering. The central admission authority conducts admission of thirty students in each session to this department. As per prerequisites, students must have science background in their H. Sc. level with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to get admission.

To produce top-notch Petroleum and Mining Engineer, courses from all required branches such as humanities, science, and mathematics have been deliberately included. A good portion of the total courses has been taken from geology so that our products, future Petroleum & Mining engineer, can fathom the jargons and paradigms of geology. Sophisticated simulation work for nationally occupied petroleum reserves has not yet been performed. However, nationally, we have achieved efficiency in on-shore drilling. The department hope one day the future products, Petroleum and Mining Engineer, will get down to offshore drilling and simulation work. A number of field and industrial tours have been incorporated in the curriculum to introduce them with the real life problems and facts.

Present Status:
 The department is running smoothly with five faculties and three batches comprised of 82 regular students.  As the the department is in budding phase, it’s not equipped with all kinds of sophisticated laboratory facilities. However, these lackings are fulfilled with access of relevant laboratories of other departments in this campus. Good news is that we are going to get a handsome amount of fund to establish Petroleum Engineering Laboratory  very soon.

Present Facilities:
The department has already established ‘Rocks & Minerals Laboratory’ with more than 200 specimens.PGE Departement is faciliated with a 'Computational Laboratory’ with 6 desktop computers.
Seminar Library with a good number of relevant books and journals.

Job Prospect:
Both national and international oil and gas fields are the main job fields of the B.Sc. graduates of this department though our curriculum is deliberately designed to equip them for many other fields such as mining, geology. As the department is going to produce first fresh B.Sc.  graduates in Petroleum and Mining Engineering field, products are more likely to get access in the relevant job fields.

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