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ACEE Iftaar Mahfil 2018

Date : 2018/05/18

Association of Civil and Environmental Engineering (ACEE) has arranged an Iftaar Party for all the members of the CEE this Friday at the department premise. Including the iftaar event, there will also be some other events as well. The 24th Executive Committee of ACEE will be announced in this event, chaired by honorable Head of the Department and President of ACEE, Dr Mushtaq Ahmed. The 23rd committee will handover the duties and responsibilities to the new 24th committee.
Also, there will be a give away of souvenirs for the senior students of the department and a prize giving for some few game events held lately.

From the past years ACEE has been arranging Iftaar Mahfils to have a grand get together with the whole CEE family before everyone leaves the campus for the Eid Vacation.

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