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    Message From Head

    Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science

    Head of the Department

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you at the Department of Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science (CEP) under the School of Applied Sciences & Technology.
    Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science Department primarily deals with the fundamental and applied aspects of wide range of chemical and biochemical processes in which material and energy inputs are converted into value-added products through chemical, physical and biological transformations. The applications are based on the concepts of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics, guided by the principles of engineering, economics, environmental protection, and societal benefits. Our chemical engineers are creative and critical thinkers having well-developed and versatile problem-solving skills. They are working in consultation with inter- and multi-disciplinary teams of professionals to define problems, determine objectives, plan and conduct research, and then design, develop, and implement computerized and controlled processes for product manufacturing. Graduates of CEP are tremendously contributing to the Chemical Industries of the country. They are also playing significant role in abroad within the sector of industry and academia. Our Chemical Engineering program is a resourceful discipline which adapts to the changing needs of society, also referred to as universal engineering.

    Best wishes for a successful educational experience!

    Professor Dr Md Tamez Uddin