Faculty Profile

    Dr. M. Younus


    Contact Information:

    • Office Address: Room 219, Department of Chemistry, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet 3114, Bangladesh.
    • Phone: 88 0821 714479 Ext 260, 01711736177
    • Email:


    Muhammad Younus joined the Department of Chemistry, SUST in 1992. In 1993, he moved to the University of Cambridge UK for higher studies. After completion of his Ph. D. from the Department of Chemistry (Supervisor: Professor Lord J. Lewis), University of Cambridge, UK, (1997) and post-doctoral research with Professor Nicholas J. Long of the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK, he moved back to his home country Bangladesh in 2001. While serving as an assistant professor, associate professor and professor of Chemistry (2001-2009), he continued research works in his own laboratory. Within this time, he also worked at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK as an academic visitor with Professor Paul R. Raithby, and at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA as a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Scott J. Hartley. In 2011, he won a competitive research grant of four hundred and fifty thousand dollar under Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) of the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh to renovate research laboratories and to procure state-of-the-art instruments for materials chemistry research. Now, he is leading a research group of four M.Phil. and two M.S. students.


    • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK
    • M.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • B.Sc. Hons. in Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Research Interests:

    • Conjugated Organic and Organometallic Poly-ynes for Optoelectronics
    • Liquid Crystalline Conjugated Poly-ynes
    • Metal Complexes and Composites in Catalysis

    Previous Research Project

    1. Synthesis of Carbon-rich Poly-ynes: A New Class of Materials for Linear and Nonlinear Optics and Liquid Crystallinity; Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and World Bank (2017-2018); Supplementary Funding: $112,500, Ongoing
    2. Synthesis and Characterization of Platinum Containing Liquid Crystalline Ploy-ynes; Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh (2016-2017): $7,500; Status: Completed
    3. Synthesis of Carbon-rich Poly-ynes: A New Class of Materials for Linear and Nonlinear Optics and Liquid Crystallinity; Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and World Bank (2011-2015): $450,000, Status: Completed
    4. Synthesis and Application of Nanomaterials; Ministry of Education, Bangladesh (2014-2015): $12,500; Status: Completed
    5. Design, Synthesis and Biological Activity of Metallomacrocycles; Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh (2012-2013): $12,500; Status: Completed

    External Affiliations:

    • Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society
    • Member, American Chemical Society
    • Life Member, Bangladesh Chemical Society

    Awards & Recognition:

    • Fulbright Visiting Scholar (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA: Oct. 2017 - Present)
    • Postdoctoral Fellow (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA: 2008-2009)
    • Royal Society Fellowship for Short Term Visit (Bath University, U.K: 2005)
    • Leverhulme Trust Award for Academic Visit (Bath University, U.K.: 2003-2004)
    • JSPS-UGC Visiting Fellowship (Tsukuba University, Japan: 2002)
    • Leverhulme Trust Award for Postdoctoral Fellowship (Imperial College, U.K.: 1997-2000)
    • Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and Cambridge Overseas Trust Award for Ph. D. Studies (Cambridge University, U.K.:1993-1996).

    Journal Publications

    1. Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Sugar Containing Platinum Ethynyl Complexes R. K. Paul, M. F. Ahmad, M. M. R. Khan, M. Younus, J. Bangladesh Acad. Sci. 40 (2016) 65.
    2. Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, thermal and luminescent properties of new organosulfur-functionalized platinum(II) bis(alkenylarylalkynyl) complexes, M.M. Rahman, M. Younus, M. Naher, M.K. Masud, A. Nomoto, A. Ogawa, A. Rudnick, A. Kohler, J. Organomet. Chem. 818 (2016) 185.
    3. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activities of Nitroaryl Palladium Complexes M.M. Huq, M. R. Rahman, M. Naher, M.M.R. Khan, M.K. Masud, M. Younus, G.M. Golzar Hossain, N. Zhu, W.-Y. Wong, J. Inorg. Organomet. Polym. 26 (2016) 1243.
    4. Synthesis, Characterization and Liquid Crystalline Properties of a series of hydroxybiphenyl benzoate and biphenyl bis(benzoate) S. Ahmed, M.M. Rahman, A. R. Rabbi, S.M.S. Islam, M. Younus, B.B. Chakraborty, S. Choudhury, S. Ahmed, N. Sultana, J. Mol. Liq., 224 (2016) 265.
    5. Conjugated Platinum Poly-ynes with Extended Arylene Ethynylenes M. Nahar, S.S. Mehdi, M.K. Ahmed, M.M. Rahman, M.M.R. Khan, M. Younus, J .Bangladesh Acad. Sci., 39 (2015)195.
    6. Synthesis of the First Example of Selenium-Containing Platinum(II)Alkenylarylalkynyl Complexes M. M. Rahman, M. Younus, A. Ogawa, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. (2015) 1340.
    7. Synthesis, Structures and Properties of Novel Platinum(II) Acetylide Complexes and Polymers with Tri(tolyl)phosphine as the Auxiliary Ligand A. A. Ibn Sina, S. M. I. Al-Rafia, M. F. Ahmad, R. K. Paul, S. M. S.Islam, M. Younus, P.R. Raithby, C.-L. Ho, Y. H. Lo, L. Liu, H. Li, W.-Y. Wong, J. Inorg. Organomet. Polym. Mat. 25 (2015) 427.
    8. Synthesis and Optical Properties Biphenylene Ethynylene Co-polymers and Their Model Compounds O. K. Nag, K. M. Anis-Ul-Haque, D. Debnath, R. Begum, M. Younus, N. Chawdhury, G. Kociok-Khn, P. R. Raithby, J. Chem. Sci. 127 (2015) 365.
    9. Single Beam Z-scan for the Calculation of Nonlinear Refractive Index (n2) for Poly(2,5-dimethylaniline) M. K. Biswas, M. Younus and Y. Haque et al., J. Nonlinear Opt. Phys. Mater. 25 (2015) 1550039.
    10. Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activities of Ag/ZnO Nanocomposities Fabricated by Co-Precipitation Method Abdus Subhan, M. R. Awal, Tanzir Ahmed, M. Younus, Acta. Metall. Sin. (Eng. Lett.) 03 (2014).
    11. Palladium-Catalyzed Dithiolation of Platinum(II) Alkynylarylacetylides with Diphenyl Disulfide Leading to Construction of -Conjugated Systems with Platinum and Thio Groups M. M. Rahman, A. Nomoto, M. Younus, Akiya Ogawa, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. (2014) 2613.
    12. Synthesis of the First Sulphur-Containing Platinum(II) Alkenylarylalkynyl Complexes by Photoirradiation M. M. Rahman, M. Younus, A. Ogawa, RSC Adv. 4 (2014) 25389.
    13. Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Studies of Ferrocenyl-2, 4-Dinitrophenylhydrazone T. Sultana, C. A. Waheed, S. M. Saiful Islam, A. A. I. Sina, M. Younus, M. A. Jabbar, M. R. H. Sabuj, J. Bangladesh. Acad. Sci, 38 (2014) 177.
    14. Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(aryleneethynylene)s and Their Corresponding Platinum-Linked Polymers M. I. Hossain, D. Debnath, M. Younus, M. A. Bari, M. A. J. Miah, J. Sci. Res. 3 (2011) 587.
    15. Varification of the Detection Efficiency of Arsenic Field Test Kits by Laboratory Methods M.M. Rahman, S.S. Alam, M. Younus, T. Muslim, A.J.F. Samad, Y.N. Jolly, A. Islam, Nucl. Sci. Appl. 16 (2007) 124.
    16. A New Series of Luminescent Phosphine Stabilised Platinum Ethynyl Complexes R. Saha, M. A. Qaium, D. Debnath, M. Younus, N. Chawdhury, N. Sultana, G. Kociok-Kohn, P.R. Raithby, M. Kijima, Dalton Trans. (2005) 2760.
    17. Synthesis, Characterisation and Optical Spectroscopy of Platinum(II) Di-ynes and Poly-ynes Incorporating Condensed Aromatic Spacer in the Backbone M.S. Khan, M.R.A. Al-Mandhary, M. K. Al-Suti, F. R. Al-Battashi, P.R. Raithby B. Ahrens, M.F. Mahon, M. Younus, N. Chawdhury, A. Khler, Dalton Trans. (2004) 2377.
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    • Basic Principles of Inorganic Chemistry (Course No. CHE 131)
    • Advanced Chemical Bonding (Course No. 236)
    • Organometallic Chemistry (Course No. CHE 333)
    • Inorganic Chemistry Practical (Course No. CHE 334)

    Graduate Supervision

    1. Md. Faruak Ahmad, M. Phil., in progress
    2. Md. Mobasher, M. Phil., in progress
    3. Md. Kausar Ahmed, M.Phil., in progress
    4. Kazi Shakawat Hossain, M.Phil., in progress
    5. Tanjila Islam, M.S., in progress
    6. Ashikur Rahman Rabbi, M.S., in progress
    7. Salhed Ahmed, Synthesis of Carbon-rich Conjugated Ethynyl Polymers with Pendant Liquid Crystalline Cores, M.Phil. Thesis, 2016
    8. Md. Kausar Ahmed, Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(dialkoxyphenylenediethynylenes) and Their Platinum Linked Polymers, M.S. Thesis, 2016
    9. Amran-al-Taz-Khan, Studies of N-C (sp) Bond Formation Reaction for the Synthesis of Ynamine, M.S. Thesis, 2016
    10. Tahmina Sultana, Synthesis and Characterization of Pt-Containing Molecular Tweezers, M.S. Thesis, 2015
    11. Khairul Amin, Synthesis, Characterization, Optical, and Thermal Properties of Donor-Acceptor Based Ethynyl Compounds, M.S. Thesis, 2015
    12. Md. Robiur Rahman, Synthesis and Identification of Ester Mesogenic Liquid Crystalline Compounds, M.S. Thesis, 2015
    13. Kazi Shakawat Hossain, Synthesis and characterization of biphenylene mesogenic liquid crystalline polymers, M.S. Thesis, 2014.
    14. Md. Faruak Ahmad, Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties of Platinum Ethynyl Monomers and Dimers, M.S. Thesis, 2014
    15. Mahmudul Hassan Suhag, Bacterial Biodegradation of Azo Dyes by pseudomonas sp., M.S. Thesis, 2014,
    16. Masnun Naher, Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Metal Alkynyl complexes, M.S. Thesis, 2013
    17. K. M. Anis-Ul-Haque, Synthesis and Anti Bacterial Activity of Schiff-base Ligands and their Transition Metal Complexes, M.S. Thesis, 2013.
    18. Arif Rabbany, Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Anti Bacterial Activity Study of Ferrocenyl Shiff-base Complexes of Palladium, Platinum and Ruthenium, M.S. Thesis, 2012
    19. Ratan Kumar Paul, Synthesis and Studies of Antimicrobial Activities of Sugar Containing Aryl Ethynyl Ligands and Their -Bonded Transition Metal (Pt) Acetylide Complexes, M.S. Thesis, 2012
    20. Md. Azizur Rahman Khan, Oxidative Addition to Zero-valent Platinum with Aryl Halides, M. S. Thesis, 2010
    21. Belal Ahmed, Synthesis and Characterization of Platinum Carbonyl Complexes and Their Reactivity with Phosphines and Acetylene Ligands, M.S. Thesis, 2008