Petroleum and Mining Engineering


    The Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering was established in 2004. But its academic functions started from July 01, 2005 with an undergraduate program. This department is the pioneer in the field of offering undergraduate program in Petroleum and Mining Engineering in Bangladesh. However, the first B.Sc (Engineering) degree in Petroleum & Mining engineering was awarded in 2010. Currently, eleven batches have been awarded B.Sc (Engineering) degree. Besides this, this department has launched its Master’s program on Petroleum Engineering from 2018. The graduates from this department are serving in the oil, gas and mining sectors in both home and abroad. A large number of graduates have marked their footsteps in the area of research, science and technology in all parts of the world. Besides, many have been taking prestigious service positions in different sectors. On the other hand, a remarkable number of graduates are working as professional engineers, University teachers, researchers and other professional areas. The graduates from this department have engaged themselves in different student organizations as well, which relates them to fulfill the requirements of experiences and practices of being an active individual in a university arena. This engagement is supported by a sense of belonging as fostered by such things as learning and teaching, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and the blurring of the boundary between formal and informal student life. Therefore, the graduates from this department also acquire a good managerial skill which helps themselves in their professional development and personal life.

    However, in order to tie all the alumni in a common platform for achieving nine specific objectives as mentioned in our very own constitution, PME Alumni Association has come to existence from 1st January, 2020. Besides being a comparatively new organization, it has been doing many works relentlessly for the sake of the department, graduate and student development. And this platform is the very strong digital footprint of our activities, ambition and togetherness.


    PME Alumni AssociationDepartment of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh

    Contact No. : +8801799883412