Petroleum and Mining Engineering

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    Message From Head

    Professor Dr. Muhammad Farhad Howladar

    Head of the Department

    It is my honor to welcome you to the Department of Petroleum & Mining Engineering and our great community of scholars at the Shahjalal University of Science & Technology in Bangladesh. Petroleum & Mining Engineering department professionals dedicated to providing highly graduated engineers to local and national oil, gas and mining companies. Our department is committed to educating the next generation of petroleum & Mining engineering leaders who will improve our quality of life.
    In petroleum engineering, application of the basic sciences of chemistry, geology and physics are combined with engineering sciences to promote the development and production of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources
    Our graduates are in permanent positions in the oil and gas companies. The major oil and gas producing and drilling service companies offer internships to our students in inside or outside. Finally, it is my pleasure to work with such highly distinguished staff and to serve our inquisitive and passionate student body in achieving our department mission and vision. We are advancing knowledge and educating a new generation of students to help solve the enormous resource and environmental challenges facing the world both now and in the decades to come.