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    Dr M Habibul Ahsan


    Contact Information:

    • Office Address: Department of Physics, SUST
    • Phone: 714479 Extension: 253, 493 (Office) 318 (Residence), 01712530871
    • Email:


    Born in 1952 in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. Started education in Kumarkhali, Kushtia in 1958 in Class-II, studied in different schools and finally got S.S.C. (Science Group) degree from Santahar B.P. High School in 1967 with First Division, star marks and letter in 4 subjects. Studied in Rajshahi College, Rajshahi and had H.S.C. (Science Group) degree in 1969 in First Division with star marks in 4 subjects. Then studied in Rajshahi University and had B.Sc. Honours degree in Physics with First Class in 1972. Finally had M.Sc. Degree in Physics (Thesis Group) with First Class in 1973. The results was published in November, 1975. After passing M.Sc. I joined Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) in March 1976 as Research Fellow and joined as Scientific Officer in May, 1977. I served BAEC as Senior Scientific Officer and Principal Scientific Officer until July, 1995. I had my Ph.D. from the University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia in 1986. The title of the Ph.D. thesis is “The Photonetron Cross section of 10B”. I worked as Postdoctoral Fellow in the same university for 1 year and the title of the project is “The Photoneutron Cross Section in 11B”. I worked as Postdoctoral Fellow in 1993 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. Then I left BAEC and joined Shahjalal University of Science and Technology as Professor and Head of the Department of Physics. I continued as Head of the Department until July, 2010. I worked as Dean of different schools several times, as Director, Students’ Affairs two times, Provost of Shah Paran Hall and First Ladies Hall for about 6 years. I worked as Transport Administrator for 7 years. I served as member of University Syndicate for six years, member Planning Committee and Finance Committee for more than 5 years. I supervised more that 70 M.S. theses and 3 Ph.D. research work. Professor Dr. Syed Badiuzzaman Faruque, Professor Dr. Md. Shah Alam and Dr. A.K.M. Azad Rahman are my Ph.D. students. Now I am supervising two Ph.D. students, one of them will finish his work this month.


    • Ph.D.

    Research Interests:

    • Calculations in Nuclear Physics
    • Experimental Neutron Activation Analysis
    • Neutron Scattering
    • Neutron Radiography
    • Health Physics
    • Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis

    Active Research Project

    1. Neutron Activation Analysis and Neutron Radiography in collaboration with Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

    Previous Research Project

    1. Establishment of Experimental Set Ups for Central Instrumentation Laboratory. The project was funded by Ministry of Science and Technology. Worked with few UGC projects.

    External Affiliations:

    • Member, International Society of Neutron Radiography

    Journal Publications

    1. Elemental analysis of raw materials of nuclear shielding to develop low activation concrete, M.A. Islam, S. Mahmud, S.M. Hossain, Sk. A. Latif, and M.H. Ahsan, Journal of Nuclear Sciences 3(1)(2016)7-14
    2. Preparation and structural properties of ZnAlxFe2-xO4 spinel oxide Shahzad Hossain, Goutam Dev, MstSanjidaAktar, Muhammad Kamrul Hasan, A.K.M. Zakaria, Tapash Kumar Datta, Imtiaz Kamal, Sk. Md. Yunus, M.H. Ahsan and Abul Kalam Azad American Journal of Analytical Chemisty 7(2016)203-209
    3. Validation study of the reactor physics lattice transport code WIMSD-5B by TRX and BAPL critical experiments of light water reactors, M.J.H. Khan, A.B.M.K. Alam, M.H. Ahsan, K.A.A. Mamun and S.M.A Islam, Annals of Nuclear Energy 85(2015)1014-1017
    4. Magneto-structural coupling in NiXZn1-XCr2O4, A. Khan, H. Haneko, H. Suzuki, S. Naher, M.H. Ahsan, M.A. Islam, M.A. Basith, H.M.B. Alam and D.K. Saha, SpringerPlus 4:468(2015)1-16
    5. Study of the Crystallographic and Magnetic Structure in the Nickel Substituted Cobalt Ferrites by Neutron Diffraction, Sadia Khanam, A.K.M. Zakaria, M.H. Ahsan, T.K. Datta, S. Akhter, S.I. Liba, S. Hossain, A.K. Das, I. Kamal, S.M. Yunus, D.K. Saha and S.G. Eriksson, Materials Sciences and Applications 6(2015)332-342
    6. The potentiality of sunlight observed in CsI(Tl) crystal, Nasima H. Khan, M.H. Ahsan and M.A.H. Chowdhury, Ultra Scientist 26(2)B(2014)153-158
    7. A Study of the Internal Defects of Terrazzo and Engraved Construction Materials by Using Direct Film Neutron Radiography Technique, Sudipta Saha, M.N. Islam, M.K. Alam, A.K.M. Azad Rahman and M.H. Ahsan, Proceedings of Pakistan Academy of Sciences, 51(4)(2014)331-336
    8. Measurement of Environmental Gamma Dose at AECD Campus of Bangladesh M. S. Rahman, M.A. Islam, A. Begum, M.M. Rahman and M.H. Ahsan Journal of Scientific Research (J. Sci. Res.), 6(2) (2014)285-291
    9. Gravitational radiation from Keplerian binary with oscillating orbital plane. S.B. Faruque, M.A. Nawaz and M.H. Ahsan Journal of Scientific Research, 1(1)(2009)22-30
    10. Mathematical tools of mixed number algebra Md. Shah Alam, M.H. Ahsan and Mushfiq Ahmad J. National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 33(1)(2005)43-49
    11. Application of mixed number in electrodynamics Md. Shah Alam, M.H. Ahsan and Mushfiq Ahmad Journal of Pakistan Academy of Sciences, 41(1)(2004)37-41
    12. Mixed number Lorentz transformation Md. Shah Alam and M.H. Ahsan Physics Essays 16(4) (2003)530-536
    13. Circular orbits, ISCO, periastron shift, and gravitomagnetic clock effect in Kerr field: a study using effective one-body approach S.B. Faruque, M.H. Ahsan and B. Ishwar Physics Letters A 312(2003)166-174
    14. Study of corrosion in aluminium using neutron radiography technique M.N. Islam, M.A. Saklayen, M.K. Alam, S.M.A. Islam, M.A. Zaman and M.H. Ahsan Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, 38(2000)670-674
    15. Application of neutron radiography to building industries M.N. Islam, M.K. Alam, M.A. Zaman, M.H. Ahsan and N.I. Molla Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, 38(2000)348-354
    16. Variational Monte Carlo calculation of binding energy for ?He4 hypernucleus M.A. Rahman, M.K. Alam, M.A. Zaman, S.M.A. Islam and M.H. Ahsan Indian J. Phys. 73A (1999) 765-773
    17. Optimization of Germanium monochromators for neutron diffractometers F.U. Ahmed, S.M. Yunus, I. Kamal, S. Begum, Aysha A. Khan, M.H. Ahsan and A.A.Z. Ahmad International Journal of Modern Physics, E5(1996)131-151
    18. Extraction of a pure thermal neutron beam for the proposed PGNAA facility at TRIGA research reactor of AERE, Savar, Bangladesh Sabina Alam, M.A. Zaman, S.M.A. Islam and M.H. Ahsan Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, B83(1993)235-244
    19. Studies of the behaviour of reactor neutron beam at the sample position of a diffractometer using silicon monochromators F.U. Ahmed, M.H. Ahsan, Aysha A. Khan, I. Kamal, M.A. Awal and A.A.Z. Ahmad Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, B63(1992)333-344
    20. Variational Monte Carlo calculations for the binding energy of ??Si31 M.H. Ahsan, M. Kaykobad and S. Ali Physical Review C, C43(1991)146-151
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    27. Removal of interference effect in the calculation of photonuclear cross-sections. M.H. Ahsan, N. Dytlewski, S.A. Siddiqui and H.H. Thies Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 212(1983)333-335


    • Mechanics
    • Modern Physics
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Reactor Physics
    • Medical Physics
    • Health Physics

    Graduate Supervision

    1. PhD (Total Student: 3; Current Student: 2)
    2. M.S. (Total Student: 60; Current Student: 2)