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Message From director

Dr Muhammad Alamgir Toimoor

Director of the Institute

It is a superb opportunity to be a part of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology and IML (Institute of Modern Languages) in particular. I welcome you all to this wonderful and dynamic seat of learning and join us in our trip to attain international placements and serve the global needs for better communication and skilled manpower.

In IML at SUST, we offer international standard teaching and learning panning five different languages i.e., Arabic, French, English, German, and Japanese. This institute is unique of its kind in Sylhet region and constantly working to set the pace and standard for other peers to come in future.

As Director, I am resolute to establish IML as a highly favored institute so that it becomes a guaranteed place for language research and learning not only in this region but also in the entire nation. We have an audacious plan elaborately discussed in our Performance Indicator to haul us to 2031, which stands on our vision to become a standard foreign language learning seat in the whole of Bangladesh in the coming ten years.

If you have crossed the threshold of HSC or Higher Secondary or any other public exam(s) equivalent to HSC, you have a great opportunity to become a student of any of our five language programs doing a 6-month Certificate Course or a one-year Diploma. Our graduates have been very successful in getting jobs in home and abroad starting from joining UN missions in Africa to pursuing degrees and job careers in Japan, Germany, France, the Middle East, England, and North America. From an aesthetic point of view, quite a large number of students often come to our institute to quench their thirst for learning a foreign language. Our students are a fantastic mixture of SUST undergrad and grad students and professionals and individuals from different walks of life. We have been successful in creating a multidisciplinary academic environment, which helps us focus widely on designing objective based curriculum and developing study materials. As a part of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, IML at SUST has already discharged its ability to become a leader of its kind in the region.

As an institute, we are determined to make sure that our administration structure and support systems function proactively and effectually to attain our tactical priorities i.e., to dispense the most pragmatic learning in the best effective way possible administered by the faculties of the highest echelon with aligning budgets. Apart from that, we are resolute to uphold our core values of respect, pledge, and integrity in disseminating the knowledge of different languages to our students and thus help them achieve their goals.

We are single-minded to keep up our academic excellence while discharging valuable support to our national development efforts to become a developed nation by 2041.

I cordially invite you all to admit to any of our language programs and thus take an intrepid step towards a career building educational trip at the Institute of Modern Languages at SUST.