Seminar Library
    The Department has a rich seminar library with an excellent collection of books from diverse background. In the seminar library students have easy access during the whole office hour of the university. It has almost digitalized the data about all the books in the seminar.

    Students’ Counseling
    The department has students’ counseling facilities. Six faculties, three female and three male, have been appointed by the head of the department as student advisor. They are providing support to the students for academic and other related purposes.

    ‘Anthropublic’ Lecture Series in Anthropology
    ‘Anthropublic’ is mainly an online platform of the department of Anthropology, SUST. It has 3,255 members. It was founded on May 16, 2012 aiming to bring anthropology to a wider audience and to discuss and share ideas and experiences on the murky crossroads of health, marketing, gender, heritage, traditional knowledge, development, intellectual property, environment, and advocacy. However, it also organizes a lecture series irregularly. The purpose of this lecture series is to arrange a series of talks on various issues of society and culture in both local and global contexts.