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    Student Engagement & Support

    Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell
    As per the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court a Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell has been established by Shahjalal University of Science and Technology to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to the staff and students of the University. you will find details of the guidelines and norms of the policy against sexual harassment, principles and procedure for combating sexual harassment and the sexual harassment prevention committee in your diary written in Bangla. Also you will find a complaint box in the ground floor of the Central library Building.

    Physics Society
    In the Physics Department, we have a strong society called Physics Society comprising of all the faculty members and all physics students. The society directs and organizes occasional activities, cultural activities and sports. The office bearers of this society are Head of the Department as President of the society and a senior faculty as Treasurer and other executive members are elected by the students of the Department. This society has proved to be a very fruitful organization in keeping the cultural environment of the department well. You also can organize a brain storming problem solving competition may be of open book fashion!

    Academic Advising
    Academic Advising help new students make a smooth transition to the university. Working with an academic advisor will help you to stay on track.

    Academic Support
    The workshop in academic building A is a well equipped place where you can develop new device according to your own design. The Students involved in Robotics group and the Drone projects explore their ideas this this workshop.

    There is no single textbook that covers all the material on the course so it is necessary to use a variety of books for each aspect of the course, some of which, although recommended by tutors and lecturers. You will usually have a long reading list of recommended books for each topic, but fortunately, you won't have to read all of them. It's worth having a look through a few before deciding which to get. Once you've decided which books you like, there are two options available when it comes to acquiring them: buying them or using the Central or Seminar Library. Seminar library should have most of the books you need for the course and will stock multiple copies of the most frequently used. Your tutor or librarian will usually order more copies if there are not enough, and you can request books to be bought that are not stocked.

    IT Facilities
    Computer centre provides you the e-mail ID and internet access. This university is covered with WiFi blanket. So you can get access at your Hall, at Department and in Playgrounds.
    Health- Within the campus you can have treatment from the University Medical centre. Female Student Counseling office resides at the First ladies Hall and Shirajunnessa Hall. There is a Gymnasium for both male and female students! Physical education department will assist you anything on games and sports.

    Campus Involvement
    After spending several years in our physics programs, best way for campus involvement is through alumni. Graduate students and experienced undergraduates can give valuable advice to the freshers.