Computer Science & Engineering

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    CSE department mainly offers four-year undergraduate course in Computer Science & Engineering where courses are designed in such a way so that students graduating from this department have a balance of theory and practical skills to prepare them for the highly competitive workplace.

    A one year M.Sc. (General) and one-and-half year M.Sc.(Thesis) programs in Computer Science and Engineering are also being run by the department. Usually, every year we advertise in the national news papers for admission in the Masters programs.

    Besides, the department also offers Ph.D. degrees in the relevant fields. Students fulfilling the requirements can apply for admission in the Ph.D. program at any time of the year. Here is the application form for Ph.D. admission.  

    Besides undergraduate and Masters and Ph.D. programs, this department is also successfully running one year (four semesters) certification program CCNA (CISCO Certified Network Associate) in collaboration with UNDP and CISCO).

    • Graduate

      Every Graduate students(general, thesis and engineering) has to complete at least 16 hours of theory course work during the first two semesters.

      Ph. D.

      The GSC may suggest courses, if felt necessary, for the Ph. D. students.

      Credit Requirement

      For the graduate program a full time student has to register for at least 12 credits each semester. For course work 1 credit means one hour of contact hour per week and for research or project work 1 credit hour means at least three hours per week. A student will be allowed to take theoretical course and research work simultaneously. Once the course requirement is completed, for the research work a graduate student has to register for “independent study” as credit/no-credit basis to fulfill the 12 credits per semester requirement.

      Course Requirement

      Syllabus committee for the graduate program will be comprised of the GSC members and two external members from other universities nominated by the Dean.

      Every year the syllabus committee will design the graduate level courses for the respective disciplines and recommend the courses for approval of the Academic Council through the School and BAS. GSC can review the curriculum from time to time and recommend any change to the syllabus committee as may be considered necessary.