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    The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) has started its journey as an essential area of knowledge in understanding the chemical & molecular basis of life. At the beginning, Biochemistry was regarded as a research-oriented subject to find out the cause of different types of diseases both of plant and animal including human and to propose the biochemical solution of that diseases. Gradually it turns into an applied science and it proved its application in food and agriculture, disease diagnosis, fermentation industries and in pharmaceutical research. But with the rapid development of Molecular Biology research from the seventies of last century, the Biochemists and Molecular Biologists have been able not only to understand the life process but to change it according to need. In fact, the knowledge of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology proved its tremendous impact on the health, agriculture, food, forensic science and pharmaceuticals which contribute to the economic development of the country. But in Bangladesh, BMB departments were in few public universities namely Dhaka, Rajshahi, Jahangirnagar, Mymensingh Agriculture University, and Chittagong University till 2010. Understanding the immense importance of this subject and its growing demand both at home and abroad it seemed practically necessary to generate more graduate in the country. As a result, the department of BMB was opened in SUST in 2010 and by the next year (in 2011) started its academic activities with 4 teachers and 20 students.

    • VISION: The department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology offers high quality learning and research oriented atmosphere in life sciences to attain proficiency in identifying the challenges throughout the century between biological and human resources and renovate it to augment the quality of life.
    • MISSION:
      • To provide broad knowledge in concept and principles of biochemistry and molecular biology.
      • To encourage and assure high quality research and other scholarly activity on the part of both faculty and students.
      • To identify local and global issues and design intelligent strategies and biochemical approaches in problem solving methods.
      • To cultivate interdisciplinary collaborative research to generate and to disseminate new knowledge in the area of molecular biology, immunology, neuroscience, clinical biology and bioinformatics.
      • To build a group of efficient graduates in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology to meet the new era’s worldwide demands.