Center for Research, Testing and Consultancy (CRTC)


Center for research, testing and consultancy (CRTC), CSE has started its active journey from 8th February 2007. It has following salient objectives:


To simulate research in university and develop close relation between the university and industries within the country. Also carryout board program on research on matters consequences to the country.


TO provide teaching/training to generate field oriented man power.


To provide platform where the students will get the opportunity to have the flavor of industry work.


To improve the professional quality of teaching staff members so that they will do a more up to date and stimulating job of teaching.

To fulfill the above stated objectives CRTC, CSE has already running its own wing very successfully named SoftwareHousefrom which we have already generated a good volume of high quality software. Training institute is CRTC’s another wing which is going to be one of the top-rated successful projects.


CEE department established the centre for research, testing and consultancy (CRTC) to provide research, testing and consultancy services in 2003. CRTC has already contributed a lot; .CRTC designed water treatment plant to remove high concentration of iron(>11mg/lit) in ground water of Sylhet region (value of 1,00,000 Tk), such a plant has been successfully operating since 2006 in Hotel Asma International, a sophisticated hotel of Sylhet city. CTRC already planned and designed the Madina Garden City near Sylhet International Airport including EIA and recently has been working for Gazi Burhan Uddin Model City near Sylhet upashahar (value of 20,00,000 Tk). CRTC has been performing all kind of testing in the field of water, waste water, cement, concrete, rod beam, soil, air, noise etc. since 2003.