Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

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    Research area

    • Medical genetics

    • Environmental biotechnology

    • Microbial biotechnology

    • Industrial biotechnology

    • Plant and agricultural biotechnology

    • Fisheries biotechnology

    • Animal cell culture

    • Nanotechnology

    • Bioinformatics

    Laboratories of the Department

    • Animal Biotechnology Lab

    • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lab

    • Fisheries and Marine Biotechnology Lab

    • General Lab

    • Microbiology, Fermentation and Environmental Biotechnology Lab

    • Pathogenecity Test Lab

    • Plant Genetic Engineering Lab

    • TWAS Lab

    • Zebra Fish Facility

    Ongoing Projects

    • Improvement of Salt And Submergence Tolerant Rice Through Genetic Engineering Approach to Bring Food Security With Environmental Safety in Bangladesh (USDA)

    • Environmentally Friendly Biological Solar System for Renewable Electricity Production (a2i, PM office)

    • Genome-wide analysis and structural basis for transmembrane transport selectivity profiles of aquaporins in recently sequenced plant genomes (TWAS)

    • Bioconversion of organic municipal solid wastes into bioresources through production of industrially important recombinant enzymes and biodiesel (IDCOL), World Bank.

    • Isolation and Pharmacological Evaluation of Tridax procumbens Extracts Against Inflammatory Disease (MOST)

    • Molecular identification and population genetics for conservation and management in Bangladesh (MOST)

    • Study prevalence and impacts of consanguineous marriage in Bangladesh (TWAS)

    • Comprehensive in silico study of GLUT10 to predict substrate binding sites and possible substrates to elucidate its interacting partners (SRC)

    • In vivo and Biochemical Assessments of Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Satkara (Citrus macroptera) Fruits in Its Maturity Stage (SRC)