Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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    Currently, the faculty member and students are performing excellent researches in different arena of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The ongoing research projects are-
    1. Identification and characterization of noble Isopentenyl transferase gene(s) in Oryzasativa (rice) to minimize the yield gap under salinity and drought stress.
    2. Development of an effective homemade hand sanitizer for Bangladesh.
    3. Odonata of Bangladesh: Checklist, Database and field guide preparation, Threat Status Assesment and Conservation Action Planning.
    4. A study on the butterfly-plant association to develop the appropriate strategy for the conservation of the butterflies of Bangladesh.
    5. Establishing DNA fingerprinting and determining butterfly-plant association of the butterflies of Bangladesh.
    6. Studying serotype distribution of Dengue Virus in Bangladesh: A view to resolve Dengue problem in Bangladesh.
    7. Blood Plasma Protein as a Candidate Cancer Biomarker.
    8. Isolation and Characterization of Collagen Types of Chicken Skin and Fish Scales of Bangladesh. (PI: Dr. Shamim Ahmad)
    9. JunB protein as a candidate biomarker in cancer diagnosis and its therapeutical implication. (PI: Dr. Md. Zafrul Hasan)
    10. Prevalence of hypertension and its associated risk factors in human population- A large scale cross-sectional study in Bangladesh. (PI: Dr. Md. Nurshad Ali)
    11. Analysis of Dyrk1A in serum as an early biomarker for screening of Down syndrome in pregnant women in Bangladesh. (PI: Dr. Shaikh Mirja Nurunnabi)
    12. Geographical variation in antibiotic resistance profiles of different bacterial species isolated from drinking water in Bangladesh. (PI: Dr. Shaikh Mirja Nurunnabi)
    13. Allarming prevalence of Acinetobacter baumannii of urinary tract infection (UTI)and respiratory patients samples in Sylhet, Bangladesh. (PI: Mohammad Abul Hasnat)