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    Message From Head

    Welcome to the Department of Physics

    Head of the Department

    Our program is one of the most rigorous at the University and our students and faculty are exhilarated by the difficult challenge of figuring out how the world works! Studying Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics is a very effective way to develop imagination, as well as critical and abstract thinking, whether or not one aspires to a career in science or technology. In addition, it is important to develop a solid understanding of principles that govern science and technology. As a society of well-informed citizens, we can make rational decisions on important issues, even as the pace of scientific and technological development continues to increase dramatically. Studying Physics provides inherent pleasure and satisfaction. Additionally our graduates are prepared to pursue a variety of technical-related careers, ranging from academic or industrial scientist, to physician or patent attorney. Our students, obtain the best education and training possible that help them to achieve success!