Institute of Modern Languages

Academics / IML



To build a lively foreign language learning ambiance committed to scholarly probe and cultural give-and-take with a target to advance students' communicative aptitudes, research interests, and function as a conduit linking local, domestic and transnational concerns.



To promote and provide facilities to achieve skills and proficiencies in modern languages such as Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, and Spanish.

To provide teaching, training, guidance in order to prepare learners for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

To implement setting up of different programs such as BA, MA, and MPhil in different languages

To take measures for various tutelages on language skills and facilitate linguistic scholars and employees of different organizations to meet the needs of 21st century. 

To offer 6-month Certificate and 1-year Diploma programs in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Korean are offered. Hopefully, within a few years the institute will be able to launch more programs.



The objectives of the institute are to make the learners

  • understand the conversations of the natives;
  • describe his or her personal experiences and opinions;
  • speak fluently using simple grammatical rules;
  • acquire necessary language skills to write international examinations;
  • read books, novels, and articles in the original version or language;
  • write short essays, reports, and do official communications;
  • know different cultures, traditions, and customs and
  • foster the analytical and critical abilities of different languages

Tactical Aims/Strategic Plans and Key Performance Indicators

The institute relentlessly pilots through an intricate network of activities and programs to sustain its application keeping in mind that the end results of these actions are only as fruitful as the capacity to quantify, announce, and perform on them. It is essential that the institute adopt a pragmatic tactic to make sure that binding, unfailing, and suitable methods of its performance are made voluntarily accessible that may in turn support the application and operation of its strategy, institutional learning, program enhancing, risk minimizing, and constant reporting on performance.     

Promote and provide facilities to achieve skills and proficiencies in modern languages such as Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian and Spanish. Provide teaching, training, guidance in order to prepare learners for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Implement setting up of different programs such as BA, MA, and MPhil in different languages.

Take measures for various tutelages on language skills and facilitate linguistic scholars and employees of different organizations to meet the needs of 21st century. 6-month Certificate and 1-year Diploma programs in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Korean are offered right now. 

Develop an Objective Based Curriculum in 1-year time under short-term plan for all 7 language courses offered in conjunction with a thoroughly revamped state of the art course materials readily available for all learners and faculties. Make the lab and library facilities easily accessible for all students and faculties with user friendly software and computer programs in conjunction with 24-hour high-speed internet connectivity. 

Make sure that the student advisor be instantly reachable and all issues of the learners regarding the curriculum and learning are readily addressed. 

Enhance the number of students by making the institute well-known in the region by means of publicity through electronic and print media and other means of advertisement such as posting posters, banners, and billboards. Make the admission process simple, less time-consuming, and easily manageable.   

Launch 4-year Bachelor’s in Arabic, German and Japanese languages and 1-year Master’s in English and French, and 6-month Certificate and 1-year Diploma in Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Persian, and Russian. 

Hire at least 20 more highly competent permanent faculties along with 10 part time and guest faculties for the concerned languages and 8 more office staff for smooth running of the administration.

Substantially develop the classroom-lab-library facilities along with the office space. 



  1. Build a sustainable research-oriented learning environment 
  • Thoroughly complete and pertinent recognized regulation on structures and governance for performance management 
  1. Create a mighty quality assurance culture 
  • Total review of strategic plans 
  1. Develop an inclusive outline for swotting the overall performance of the institute 
  • No less than 90% of the staff-members attain targets
  1. Corroborate and materialize a fruitful framework for staff-member performance management system
  • More than half of the workforce score minimum 3 in yearly performance evaluation on a scale of 5
  1. Develop and materialize a reviewing and implementation plan for the institute 
  • No less than 90% compliance with performance management system 
  1. Screen the activities behind internationalization of the institute
  • No less than 80% of the short-term and long-term plans achieved 

Tactical Design/Strategic Plan




Build a lively academic ambience that contributes to pertinent sate of the art research 


  • Rank among top 2 language institutes in Bangladesh in coming 10 years
  • No less than 50% of labs and learning facilities revamped 
  • No less than 50% enhancement in user access for all library and lab facilities
  • Substantial increase in the number of students in all five languages in both Certificate and Diploma programs, especially in Diploma
  • Significant growth of graduates finding employment in foreign missions and various jobs in foreign countries with the degrees achieved from the institute   
  • No less than 90% in growth in publications by faculty members in high impact journals in relevant fields
  • No less than 80% upsurge in funding for enhancing standard teaching facilities, hiring of skilled personnel, and research 

Required Metrics 

  • High Certificate/Diploma admission ratio commensurate with the top 2 language institutes of the nation
  • Found a least number of active tactical partnership agreements with different national and international employment agencies for graduate placement
  • Adopt a number of outreach programs to convey relevant information about the institute to the community of the Sylhet Division 
  • Least number of the institute faculties winning national/international competitive grants   


Bolster academic finesse materializing the highest international standards of teaching, learning, and leadership growth


  • No less than 90% of the faculties in all languages should obtain PhDs by 2031
  • All faculties who have earned new PhDs should do at least 1-year post-doctoral
  • No less than 70% of competent mid-career faculties should have access to competitive IQAC training and UGC research facilities and external support
  • All language programs should achieve at least 80% of the teaching performance targets

Required Metrics 

Capacity to attract quality international faculty and students from all corners of the country  


Facilitate an ambience that will guarantee the rewarding experiences for internal stakeholders 


  • Quality of students and faculties 
  • No less than 90% internal stakeholder satisfaction rating  
  • Reduced industrial actions 
  • All out perfection in access to water, electricity, and internet
  • Significant improvement in office space for staff, research students, and lecture or classroom space
  • Learners have wider choice in selection of language programs 


Develop the most sustainable environment for equal opportunity in gender and ethnic groups 


  • Gender policy adopted by SUST Syndicate
  • Access to the Day Care Center at SUST
  • No less than 50% access to the classroom and lab facilities for the physically challenged 
  • Positive action policy that conforms to SUST statutes with regard to gender equality and conducting the issues of differently abled staff/student 

Required Metrics

  • Ensure facility, which caters to special needs
  • Initiatives taken to maintain the gender balance in order to develop standards 


Revamp all governance structures to facilitate wider effectiveness and efficiency 


  • No less than 90% satisfaction rating in stakeholder assessment of services provided 
  • Clearly defined roles for office staff, faculty, and student
  • Academic programs and teaching materials are reviewed and approved every year
  • Academic Committee, Finance & Account Committee, and Board of Governors make decisions on all issues in far less time than before
  • HR policy of SUST is fully adopted and implemented in the institute  


Augment the utilization and management of resources at the institute in cooperation with the central administration 


  • Purchase Committee and Finance & Accounts Committee fully functional
  • Instantly available information on revenue collected from admission, purchase, and expenditure at all levels
  • Institution accounts regularly prepared and audited
  • Students’ contribution no less than 90% of the total budget
  • Alumni fully organized and motivated to back the financial resources  

Required Metrics

Active Institute and varsity’s funds

Fund boosting targets well-founded and measured


Boost up the management of the institute’s assets and facilities making sure that the classroom and all pieces of lab equipment and electronic gadgets stay fully functional 


  • Register of all physical and other such as institute’s own copyrighted study materials assets well-founded
  • Accounts and finance management function within varsity 
  • Thoroughly prepared annual reports on all assets duly sent to SUST authority
  • Classrooms, office space, and lab facilities are preserved and modernized when needed and at regular intervals  

Required Metrics 

  • All assets identified at unit level and published in the Asset Register
  • Full compliance with SUST policy for maintenance of asset 
  • Readiness of up-to-date information on state of all assets of the institute 

Monitoring & Evaluation 

Central and institutional structural process for systematic monitoring and evaluation  


  • Fully complete and pertinent documented policy on structures and governance for a permanent and solid management
  • All strategic plans thoroughly reviewed 
  • No less than 90% of the staff members attain the targets
  • No less than 70% of the staff score minimum 3 yearly performance rating on a scale of 5
  • No less than 90% compliance with the system of performance management 

Required Metrics

Yearly evaluation of tactical plan at the institutional level with help of IQAC at SUST 

External Stakeholders

Generate stakeholders’ confidence in the capacities of the institute 


  • Publications and publicity of the institute attain 100% regularity 
  • Institute’s seminars and public lectures/events are better structured and publicized 
  • Communication with civil society and employment sectors is well focused
  • The institute fosters a useful and operative relationship with the university authority and various embassies and development agencies
  • Institution’s Alumni Association rapport is well organized and coordinated  
  • Required Metrics
  • Number of language programs that attract government funding
  • Stratum of national/international recognition of the institute 
  • Stratum of alumni input to the institute 
  • Number of international references to the publications of the institute   

The document stands for the institute’s effort of its awareness to formulate a fruitful future. We are confident that our objectives and aspirations as drawn up will supply considerable motivation for all stakeholders to extend their hands to back up our cause. The commitment we demonstrate in the process of materializing our plans will regulate our efficacy for which we hold ourselves answerable.  

The short and the long-term plans are open for continuous and objective review so that its impact can be fully recognized and the pertinence properly sustained. We are confident that the all-out participation of our faculty members, office staff, and the students in laying out the plans and objectives and the transparency we are determined to maintain in materializing it will put us on a good standing to discharge a substantial impact on the future of the institute. We are resolute to prove to ourselves that we are fully ready to establish our institute as a world-class seat of learning by concentrating on our priorities.