Academics / MAT


    The Department of Mathematics, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology is a department with glorious past and brilliant present. It is one of the oldest; most vibrant and dynamic departments of the university. The department started its academic journey in the year 1992. The department offered B.Sc. (Honors) and M.Sc. programs from its very inception. According to the Graduate Ordinance of the University (approved by the Academic Council and Syndicate in the year 2010) it is offering two semester MS (General) and three semester long MS (Thesis), two-years M. Phil and three-years Ph.D degrees. In the meantime, good numbers of MS (Thesis) and four Ph.D degrees have been awarded. It is astounding to note here that the graduates of the department are working in various sectors of the country as well as in the different parts of the globe. The department is well concern about the global need of mathematics education and research. It considers not only its own development but also its necessity and importance for scientific development in various fields of science and engineering. Through its past and present endeavors it is clear that its Vision is “To achieve and maintain excellence in Mathematical education and research by producing skilled graduates ensuring quality tertiary education and fostering higher research in diverse fields”.