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    The Department of Architecture offers one distinct undergraduate degree, which is the five-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.).The curriculum centers on the design studio and culminates in a year-long research and design project. Computing, theoretical, technological, and historical issues are progressively integrated into the design projects beginning in the first year. Projects range in scale and form but relate to issues in contemporary culture with a focus on globalization and urban contexts. The curriculum of the Department of architecture is based on the general requirements of higher education scientific faculties and, at the same time, draws from the particular social needs as well as the demands of architectural production as they evolve both in the immediate milieu of professional architects in Bangladesh and abroad, under the influence of political, social, financial and cultural transformations.

    Program Vision

    This program will strive to play an essential and innovative role in enhancing the living environment condition by promoting architecture education through professionals.

    Program Mission Statement
    The Bachelor of Architecture program offers students to provide professional degree to practice architecture. The mission of this program is to produce skilled professionals with cultural consciousness and artistic intellect, committed to society and culture. This program is empowering students to critically engage the complexities of society and the natural environment by inspiring the fundamental principles of design.