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    Student Engagement & Support

     Guidance counseling of students:

    For students’ guidance and counseling, a committee has been formed for each session consisting a senior and junior faculty members, whose responsibilities are, basically,
    i) to find out irregular students,
    ii) to contact with the guardians of those irregular students for further counseling,
    iii) to discuss with students about any kinds of problems relating to study as well as personal problems also,
    iv) to motivate as well as inspire them on a regular basis, and
    v) to give an overall report to the Head of the department.

     Current list of the committee for each session are given below:

    Session 2012-13: (1) Dr. Md Shahidur Rahman, Associate Professor, CEE
    (2) Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Assistant Professor, CEE
    Session 2013-14: (1) Dr. Md Misbah Uddin, Professor, CEE
    (2) Md Aminul Islam, Assistant Professor, CEE
    Session 2014-15: (1) Dr. Md Jahir Bin Alam, Professor, CEE
    (2) Nur Md Robiul Hoque, Assistant Professor, CEE
    Session 2015-16: (1) Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed, Professor, CEE
    (2) Khairul Hasan, Assistant Professor, CEE
    Session 2016-17: (1) Dr. Bijit Kumar Banik, Associate Professor, CEE
    (2) Mohaiminul HaqueAssistant Professor, CEE

     Current Executive Committee of Association of Civil and Environmental Engineering(ACEE) is given below:

    1. President: Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed(Head of Dept. CEE, SUST)
    2. Treasurer: Md. Aminul Islam(Asst. Professor, CEE, SUST)
    3. Vice President: Nabila Islam(2013-14)
    4. General Secretary: Md. Jami Bin Shams(2013-14)
    5. Asst. General Secretary: Afrida Ahmed Orthee(2013-14)
    6. Asst. Treasurer: Md. Abdullah(2013-14)
    7. Organizing Secretary: Shuva Ranjan Paul(2013-14)
    8. IT Secretary: Shaikh Shafin Sarwath(2013-14)
    9. Women’s Representative: Asma Akhter(2013-14)
    10. Asst. Organizing Secretary: Ayesha Ferdous Mita(2014-15)
    11. Publication Secretary: Nusrat Jahan Ikra(2014-15)
    12. Publicity Secretary: Sumaiya Nusrat Chaitee(2014-15)
    13. Seminar Secretary: Md. Nasimul Haque Majumder(2014-15)
    14. Asst. IT Secretary: Tanvir Alom Shovon(2014-15)
    15. Sports Secretary: Md. Inzamamul Haq Sumon(2015-16)
    16. Office Secretary: Md. Mahmudul Hasan(2014-15)
    17. Transportation Secretary: Hossain Kawser Sayeed(2014-15)
    18. Entertainment Secretary: Ariful Islam Shuvo(2014-15)
    19. Asst. Entertainment Secretary: Sk Md. Towhidul Islam Shovon(2014-15)
    20. Executive members: I. Md. Abu Redwan Khan(2016-17)
    II. Md. Golam Shahria Bhuiyan(2016-17)
    III. Shahriazzaman Rahi(2016-17)
    IV. Shah Md. Taufique Jahan Tuhin(2016-17)

     Students involved in the different organizations are given below:

    a. Bibhas Bhattacharjee Tanmoy(2014-15)- Debater
    b. Taifa Tasnim Nahin(2015-16)- Debater
    c. Redwan Zim(2016-17)- Debater
    d. Amena Hussain Rima(2016-17)- Debater

    a. G. R. M. Omar Faruk(2011-12) -Former President
    b. Shahriar Mahmud Shaikat(2012-13)-Former Vice President
    c. Mahmoud Ibne Sadique(2014-15)-Asst. General Secretary
    d. Md. Ashraf Ullah(2014-15)-Treasurer
    e. Rahat Ahmed(2014-15)-Executive member
    f. Soumic Ahmed(2014-15)- Executive member
    g. Sudhindra Nath Biswas(2015-16)-Publication Secretary
    h. Abrar Rifat(2015-16)- Asst. Communication Secretary
    i. Anik Mozumder(2016-17)-Asst. Media & Publicity Secretary
    j. Toufique Tuhin(2016-17)-Executive member

    3. SUST School of Debate:
    a. Mahmoud Ibne Sadique(2014-15)- Debater

    a. Toslim(2012-13)- Vice President
    b. Mosharraf Hossain Sarkar(2014-15)- Asst. General Secretary

    a. Khoirom Kameshwar(2012-13)- Former Snr. Vice President
    b. Tousif Sadman(2012-13)- Former President
    c. Foujia Nawshin Prity(2014-15)- General Secretary
    d. Md. Mehedi Hasan Bhuiyan(2014-15)- Organizing Secretary
    e. Tahsin Tabassum(2014-15)- Treasurer
    f. Mahmudul Hasan(2015-16)- Executive member
    g. Ariful Islam Shuvo(2015-16)- Executive member
    h. Shuva Mallik(2015-16)- Executive member

    6. SUST Career Club:
    a. Tanjil Rahman (2010-11)-Former President
    b. Shakib Hasan(2012-13)- Former President
    c. Swapnil Das Akash(2013-14)- General Secretary
    d. Shuvo Ranjan Paul(2013-14)- Vice President
    e. Rudro Pratap(2014-15)- Deputy General Secretary
    f. Sumaiya Nusrat Chaitee(2014-15)-Publication Secretary
    g. Md. Safayet Islam Bappy(2015-16)-Asst. Director
    h. Mahmudul Hasan(2016-17)-Executive member
    i. Bablu Marma(2016-17)- Executive member
    j. Nushrat Mumtarin Nisha(2016-17)- Executive member

    a. Nagib Mahfuz Plabon(2015-16)- Office & Archive Secretary

    8. AAJ Muktomoncho:
    a. Arup Shuvo(2009-2010)-Former President
    b. Md. Irtiza Hassan Tarafder(2010-11)- Former General Secretary
    c. Mahidul Islam Ratul(2011-12)- Former President
    d. Azmayeen Mahtab(2011-12)- Former General Secretary
    e. Rakib Chowdhury(2011-12)-Former Treasurer
    f. Ali Nawaz(2013-14)-Organizing Secretary

    a. Mushfique Bhuiyan(2011-12)-Former General Secretary

    10. SHIKOR:
    a. Rakesh Kumar Mondal(2014-15)-General Secretary

    11. Tourist Club SUST:
    a. Azimul Islam(2014-15)-Publicity Secretary

    12. RIM (Musical Club):
    a. Samiullah Chowdhury(2010-11)- Former Vice President
    b. Nazmus Sakib(2010-11)-Performer (Drummer)
    c. Abidur Rahman Abid(2011-12)-Former General Secretary

    13. NONGAR:
    a. Toufiq Shifat(2010-11)- Band Leader
    b. Morshed Wasif Hasan Auvi(2013-14)- Publication Secretary
    c. Zamiul Haque Sabit(2014)-Performer