Civil & Environmental Engineering


     Workshop on Fecal Sludge Management in Cities: An Element of City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation (organized by CEE, SUST in 2022)
     An exhibition of paintings on the Liberation War of 1971 and infographics based on the history of the Liberation War in Sylhet (2021)
     Involvement of CRTC-CEE-SUST in supervising “Expansion of Osmani International Airport, Sylhet-1st Phase”, one of the priority mega-projects of the Government of Bangladesh for the first time (2021)
     Agreement on "Global Sanitation Graduate School (GSGS) Program" between CEE-SUST and IDM-KUET (2020)
     Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on "Research Collaboration and Knowledge Dissemination" between CEE-SUST and Islamic Relief Bangladesh (2020)
     CRTC-CEE, SUST Client Conference (2020)
     Seminar on Transportation Engineering and Modelling (2020)
     Seminar on Structural Health Assessment and Geotechnical Engineering (2020)
     Seminar on Water and Wastewater Management (2020)
     Seminar on Environmental Monitoring and Modelling (2020)
     Training on AutoCAD 2D and 3D (2019)
     Training on Project processing and reporting (2019)
     Specialized Training on Fecal Sludge Management: An Element of City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation (2019)
     Workshop on Sewage Treatment Plant Management (2019)
     Exceed 2018: SUST CEE Festival - A day-long competitive event for all civil engineering students in Bangladesh (2018)
     Introduction and Integration Training Course on GIS and Remote Sensing (2018)
     4th International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation (2017)
     Seminar on Scope and Prospects in Civil & Environmental Engineering (2017)
     Seminar on wastewater management (2017)
     Workshop on Self-assessment (2017)
     Seminar on Water Resource Management (2016)
     Workshop on Course Curriculum Development (2016)
     Seminar on water resource management (2016)
     Seminar on advanced civil engineering topics and its application (2015)
     SEAN-DEE Workshop (2015)
     Seminar on engineering materials and its application (2014)
     Seminar on rainwater harvesting (2014)
     Seminar on the design of RCC building structure (2014)
     Seminar on Engineering Materials and Its Application (2014)
     Technical Workshop - 2013 on Tsunami-2011 in Tohoku Region, Japan (2013)
     Specialized Professional Workshop for Fresh Engineers-2012 on Geotechnical and Earthquake
     Specialized Professional Workshop for Fresh Engineers-2012 on Structural Engineering (2012)
     Specialized Professional Workshop for Fresh Engineers-2012 on Plumbing (2012)
     Specialized professional Workshop for Fresh Engineers-2012 on Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Environmental Management (2012)