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Eighth Annual University Physics Competition Result has been published.

Date : 2018/01/16

On the 16th January, 2018 the result of the eighth annual University Physics Competition has been published. We are very pleased to announce that in this competition 7 teams from SUST won the Bronze Medal and 30 teams were ranked as Accomplished Competitors.

The University Physics Competition is an international contest for undergraduate students, who worked in teams of up to three students at their home colleges and universities all over the world, and spent 48 hours during the weekend of November 10, 11, & 12, 2017, analyzing an applied scenario using the principles of physics, and writing a formal paper describing their work. In this year’s competition 265 teams submitted papers for judging. 193 teams selected “Problem A – Solar Sailing to Mars” and 72 teams selected “Problem B – Ion Thrusters.”

Of the 265 papers submitted in the 2017 University Physics Competition, 4 teams (1.5%) were ranked as Gold Medal Winners, 48 teams (18%) were ranked as Silver Medal Winners, 71 teams (27%) were ranked as Bronze Medal Winners, and 142 teams (54%) were ranked as Accomplished Competitors.