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    At a Glance Bengali Department: Pre-reading: The establishment and teaching activities of the Bengali department started from the academic year 2005-2006 with the aim of creating, practicing and enlightening reading programs on Bengali ethnicity along with the history, tradition, society, culture, politics, human life and literary reality of the mother tongue and birthplace of Bangladesh. Earlier, two short courses on Bengali language and grammar BNG-101 and BNG-102 were included as compulsory subjects in all departments from almost the beginning of the university curriculum. The main objective was to develop students' verbal and practical skills. Later the course BNG-101 was expanded under the title 'Bengali Language and Literature (Theoretical)'. There is a course text titled 'BNG-103 Introduction to Bengali Literature' for English department students. The main aim is to acquire basic knowledge about Bengali language, grammar, literature and develop areas of further interest. Sylhet region is rich in amalgamation of ideals of Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA) and Sri Chaitanya, where pirs, fakirs, dervishes, saints, monks meet in the same holy soil. Folk songs, folk literature written by them have enriched the repertoire of Bengali literature. The Department of Bengali has continued its teaching and research activities in pursuit of Bengali-Bangladesh-regional-world literature. Bengal Division 2012 AD is regularly publishing the annual research journal Language-Literature Lessons (ISSN2306-7519). Till June 2022, 702 graduates, 485 postgraduates, 01 MPhil degrees have been completed in Bengali department. One of the main goals of the establishment of Bengali Department is to create and develop a new and innovative way of thinking, practice and the shaping of life through literature. To explore the significance of language and literature in students as an integral part of life, to define, construct and establish the path of their creative talent and life exploration through practice.