Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science

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    The Department was founded in 1993 as the ‘Department of Chemical Technology and Polymer Science’ under the School of Applied Sciences and Technology. Considering the demand of chemical engineering and polymer science graduates in the growing chemical and polymer industries in Bangladesh, shortly after its foundation, the whole course curriculum was thoroughly revised in order to meet the national and international requirements to the 4 years’ graduation program on Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science, and the department was renamed as the ‘Department of Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science’. It is the only department in Bangladesh, which besides the chemical engineering courses, offers courses on Polymer Science and Technology enabling graduates an additional opportunity to start career in the growing polymer-based industries in the country. Thus, it has become unique of its type in the whole country. From the beginning educational programs at undergraduate and graduate level, and researches in the field of Chemical, process and environmental Engineering, and polymer technology have been developed in co-operation with national and international Institutions, and the quality and relevance of its activity is now recognized internationally, accredited by the ‘Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE)’, Bangladesh in 2010. The syllabus and course contents of the undergraduate and graduate Program are regularly updated so as to comply with the needs in the job market. All the students undergo a month-long training program in the Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI)- (Central Training Institute of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation, BCIC). Also the students undergo in-plant training in different industries. The department is well-equipped with computing facilities, which include personal computers, workstations, and access to the university network and the Internet. The department has established sustainable relationship for joint research program with the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), Institute of Membrane Technology (Italy), University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe (Germany), Jiangsu Polytechnic University (China) and the University of Waikato (New Zealand). The teachers and students from the department take active part in national and international seminar and conferences with research papers. Works of the students and teachers are published in national and international conference proceedings as well as in internationally reputed journals with high impact factor and are continuously cited by international authors. The graduates from the department have been competing successfully in the national and international job market since the first batch graduated, and showing excellent performances in their job. A number of graduates have already completed post-graduation (MS, PhD) in highly reputed universities abroad and many young graduates have been admitted for higher degrees abroad. Some graduates, in virtue of their excellent performances in the universities abroad have already started playing the role of a bridge relating our department and the institution abroad for research collaboration. The Department of Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science is flourishing day by day improving its educational and research base. As a continuation of sustainable research collaboration with its international partners, the department is on the path to start student exchange program initially at MS and PhD level. Currently, the academic staff comprises 25 members, 12 of them holding a PhD. Their activities are supported by 7 technical staff and research students. Researchers are engaged in R&D projects with internal and external funding. This intensive activity has allowed the availability of well-equipped laboratories including those on polymer synthesis, polymer characterization, polymer processing, unit operation, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, large scale unit operation, membrane technology and energy, general chemistry, analytical instrumentation, and water quality control. The department with its experienced teaching and administrative staff, and educational and research structure are committed to produce graduates and post-graduates with appropriate knowledge and confidence to compete in the national and international job markets. The department shall devotedly prepare highly qualified human resources for different sectors in Bangladesh and outside world.