Mechanical Engineering

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    Message From Head

    Md. Mahmud-Or-Rashid

    Head of the Department

    The journey of mechanical engineering started long ago, since the invention of the mechanical wheel. It was not merely a wheel; it revolutionized the fate of mankind. “From the ancient wheel to Tesla, from the steam locomotive to Maglev, from Wright brother’s flight to Boeing 787 Dreamliner”- the journey continues. The magnanimous persons who are the architects of this adventurous journey are called mechanical engineers.
    Intending to produce skilled mechanical engineers and meet the growing demand of the 21st century, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) launched the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2015. Over time, the department has flourished a lot with excellent teachers, students and staff. The very first batch of the department has already graduated and the graduates are proving themselves in their respective arena. The department currently offers Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree and every year, 35 students are admitted after passing a rigorous admission test. The faculty members are relentlessly trying to make the students well-equipped with the state-of-the-art knowledge and research of mechanical engineering. The department has already set up a well-furnished laboratory with modern and advanced equipment. Sufficient facilities are available at the laboratory to provide the students with necessary insights on the major branches of mechanical engineering like fluid mechanics, applied mechanics, thermal engineering, and heat transfer. The department also provides a computer laboratory with a handsome number of computers so that students can face the modern challenges of programming, computer-aided design (CAD) etc. The computer lab also facilitates the students with some high configuration computers for conducting their simulation-based research.
    When it comes to the economy of a country, the first thing that pops out of one’s head is an industry. Engineers, to be more specific, Mechanical Engineers are the driver of these industries. While the world is continuously embracing the new industrial revolution, Bangladesh is not sitting idle. To thrive in the development of Bangladesh and accelerate the wheel of our economy, mechanical engineers should always play a pioneering role. The department of Mechanical Engineering, SUST aims to produce such talents who will devote themselves to the betterment of human civilization through their knowledge of engineering and technology.
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