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    Covering the 70% of the Earth's surface and containing 97% of its water, oceans are fundamentally important for the human race as a source of food, energy, and minerals. Considering the fact that the world’s population is growing and Earth’s climate is changing rapidly, the biggest challenge is how we will be using ocean in a sustainable manner. Thus, we have to study ocean properly and oceanography is a multidisciplinary subject that studies physical, chemical, geological and biological processes of the oceans. Having a large marine territory, Bangladesh is blessed with multiple sea resources for example fisheries, minerals, gas, oil and many more. Making skilled manpower on ocean science will enables Bangladesh to utilize the sea resources properly in a sustainable manner. A degree in oceanography from the department of oceanography (OCG) at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) will give students an understanding of a broad range of scientific disciplines related to ocean, and how different aspects can be integrated to study the ocean system. Our degrees in oceanography emphasize the links across all areas of oceanographic science and are designed to ensure to develop a strong background in general oceanography. Our degree courses comprise a mix of compulsory and optional modules that will allow students to specialize. Our main objectives of the department of OCG at SUST are to:  Develop skilled manpower on the ocean science.  Understand the importance of ocean.  Understand the complex interactions of different components in the ocean.  Generate knowledge on the oceanic environment of Bangladesh.  Utilize the marine resources for the national development.  Extend the research collaboration both in home and abroad.