Academics / PHY / Program


    B. Sc. (Honours)

    The B.Sc. Honours courses in Physics shall comprise the courses on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Statistics and English. The course is spread over four academic years in eight semesters. Each year is divided into two semesters. Final examinations are held at the end of each semester and also there are in-course examinations. A student has to complete successfully all the courses prescribed by the department to obtain the B.Sc. (Honours) degree. A student will be given two extra years to complete his/her B.Sc. Honours degree. (A student, if he/she is not a clearing graduate, has to register for at least 12 Credits minimum and 30 Credits maximum in a semester). A student has to complete at least 36 credit hours in a year.

    M.S. (General)

    For M.S. degree in General Group, 24 credits should be completed in two semesters. General Viva Voce and Physics Masters Laboratory are compulsory for this group.

    M.S. (Thesis)

    To be a student of thesis group a student must have a B.Sc. Honours degree with a CGPA of at least 3.25 (B+).  In thesis group a student has to complete at least 36 credits in three semesters. General Viva Voce in MS 2nd semester is compulsory for this group. Thesis student will face another viva-voce examination where he/she will defend his/her thesis. The supervisor will give overall assessment about the student and will examine the thesis and give marks which will count 30% of the total marks. Two external examiners will mark the thesis and that will count as another 30% of the total marks. From defense 40% marks will be counted. 

    M. Phil. and Ph. D.

    Duration: The minimum duration for the M. Phil and Ph. D. degrees will be as followed:


    Duration of Completion

    Required Credits

    M. Phil

    4 Semesters


    Ph. D.

    6 semesters



    Minimum duration of M.Phil will be 4 Semesters for students who completed 3 years Bachelors and 1 year Masters degree. Minimum duration of M.Phil will be 2 semesters for students who completed 4 years Bachelors and 1 year Masters degree.                                        

    Credit Requirement: For the graduate program a full time student has to register for at least 12 credits each semester. For course work 1 credit means one hour of contact hour per week and for research or project work 1 credit hour means at least three hours per week. A student will be allowed to take theoretical course and research work simultaneously. The courses will be chosen from the B.Sc. and M.S. courses of the department according to the need and prescribed by the GSC.Once the course requirement is completed, for the research work a graduate student has to register for “independent study” as credit/no-credit basis to fulfill the 12 credits per semester requirement.

    M. Phil: Every M. Phil student has to complete at least 16 hours of theory course work during the first two semesters. GSC will propose the required courses to the students with consultation of respective supervisors. The course work for M.Phil Program may be reduced and relaxed according to the recommendation of GSC. In that case the duration may be reduced up to 1 year.  

    Ph. D.: The GSC may suggest courses, if felt necessary, for the Ph. D. students.

    Research Work Requirement: Research work for thesis shall be carried out under the supervision of the supervisor. Co-supervisors from within or outside the discipline / Institute may be appointed, if necessary. The topic of research proposal shall be approved by the BAS after the completion of the required course credits within six months/one year for M. Phil/Ph. D. on the recommendation of the Head of the Discipline/Institute. A Ph. D. student must submit a progress report of his work to the supervisor(s) at the end of the every semester who will present it to BAS.

    The Ph. D. student will give at least one public seminar talk conducted by GSC at the Discipline / Institute every year on a topic of his own field of research.

    The research work must be carried out in this University or at a place approved by the supervisor in consultation with the GSC.