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    The Department of Sociology at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology began its journey in the session 1992-93 giving admission to about 30 undergraduate students with the aim of disseminating humanistic and scientific knowledge about human being living in and producing its own life world far and away of him. Since then, it has been one of the oldest and reputed departments of SUST. So far, the department has successfully conferred bachelor and masters degree to about 1315 students of twentieth batch, of whom significant brilliant ones have finished with some valuable these works which have been gradually fulfilling the aim of the department. Many graduates from the department have been taking higher degree from many reputed universities from over the world for the last couple of years. Many have been being professionally established either in education, bureaucracy, financial sector, industrial sector, health, NGOs or in other fields and huge members working for national development over the country. At present, under GSC (Graduate Study Committee) curriculum, the department is offering Bachelors, Masters (General), Masters (Thesis), M.Phil and PhD degree. Different courses are covering important social and theoretical issues, including Social History, Sociological Theories in the past and present, Development Politics between Third and First world, Research methods, Poverty and Environment, Gender Studies etc. Sociological research in the department has been covering advanced issues and techniques introduced in the discipline. Along with these academic matters, students actively participate in sports and cultural activities as well. Having valuable academic dedication from the faculty members of the department, we always have tried to provide the students with both theoretical knowledge and applied skills, so that they can built themselves with critical knowledge and apply their knowledge to diverse societies wherever they love to work. Mission and Vision of the Department: The mission of the department of sociology is dedicated to provide students a diverse exposure to and understanding of sociology. Our vision is to generate knowledge, promote a greater awareness and understanding of the social issues and sociological forces that affect us all. The department is continuing to make progress in its mission to being a vibrant and outstanding department, which it is achieving in the areas of teaching and research in sociology in Bangladesh. The department has a computer lab cum seminar library that caters to the needs of the students. It has a strong research ethos and an impressive output. All faculty members actively engage in research, covering a wide range of academic areas and publishing work of high quality, which placing the department on a solid foundation. In fact, it is now one of the prestigious departments in the country. Graduates from the Department have adopted wide range of careers in active life. Most have excelled in their profession, and have joined public and private institutions both at home and abroad. We encourage our students to think sociologically. The department also aims at making significant research contribution on the most pressing issues at local, national and international level. In keeping with these vision and Missions, we are offering a variety of courses ranging from Sociology of Development to the Development of Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology. Over the years, the department has put strong emphasis to the advanced qualitative and quantitative methodological issues and theoretical preparation of its students. Currently, the Department of Sociology offers a wide range of courses from BSS (Hons.) to Ph.D. on four academic levels: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, M.Phil and Ph.D.